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 Expansions Forum Survival - Breaking News!

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PostSubject: Expansions Forum Survival - Breaking News!   Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:36 pm


Important news about Expansions Survival!
Any of you who have been watching this event know the stakes-
Full entry of WPs, and the final slot in the upcoming Expansions RPG!
As of 2/28/09, there are only SIX CONTESTANTS REMAINING.
That is correct, the final six!
Challenges will now be harder, tougher, but more rewarding.
Stay tuned for more of the drama, epicness, and vote for your favorite contestant!
From now on, a poll of all contestants will be put up, where
you, the viewers, vote for your favorite! The one with the least votes by the end of the polls says sayonara to Expansions Survival!
Contestants, you cannot vote for yourself to continue in the
So stay tuned for the finals!

*note* The contestant that recieves the best grade in the challenge will recieve invincibility and will not be allowed to be voted off*

The six contestants competing in the semifinal rounds

Crater the Arsonist
Dark Lord

Choose your favorite and vote!

As for contestants, the newest challenge is up.


Cya guys.
If you want to talk to me, I'll be here.
or you can skype me.
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Expansions Forum Survival - Breaking News!
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